For Safety

• The necessary identification, verification and address confirmation of the customer should be presented by the customer in full and accurately prior to the transactions.

• SundusPay ensures the protection of customers' personal data and secure transactions by using the most advanced technological systems.

• SundusPay never requests your personal information via E-Mail. Do not open E-Mail, SMS or links from people you do not know, and never share your personal information. SundusPay Authority does not request such information through these channels.

• Do not discredit any e-mail address that appears to have been sent by the SundusPay but does not have an extension

• Do not share reference number, amount and recipient information for the transfer process with third person.

• The correctness and timeliness of the contact information used in the transfer transactions are the responsibility of the receiver and sender.

• In the event that your personal information is requested, you will be informed by the SundusPay and call our phone line 0 212 631 42 43 without sharing any information in the event of requesting your personal information as "action has been made on your behalf and necessary corrections will be made outside your knowledge".

• We wish you a safe day